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Engaging, Empowering, and Equipping People

  • Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Mid-Cities Community Church, Room AC2


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Engaging, empowering, and equipping peoplE

featuring: Randy Anderson, e3 Professional Trainers

Sponsored by the Midland Chamber of Commerce

In most organizations, formal training is conducted by the Human Resources or Training Department. Many people, however, learn as much from their manager, supervisor, or co-workers on the job as they ever will in a classroom. This process is often hindered because there isn’t a thorough Coaching and, more so, Mentoring program to pass down and reinforce best-practices and training.

Teaching doesn’t happen until learning occurs. Quite often however, those responsible for training people within their organization aren’t measured as much by the results they create as the efforts they exert. To truly be an effective coach, you must learn how to convey the information you have to other people in a manner they can understand and grasp. At the same time, coaching effectiveness also relies on the timing, setting, and delivery of the ideas, strategies, and corrective steps.

During this seminar, you’ll learn several strategies that will allow you to improve your ability to teach and coach others and increase your effectiveness in that role.

● Learning to Speak Their Language

● Making Coaching a Part of the Culture

● The Value of One on Ones and How to Effectively Conduct Them

● Accountability, Rewards, and Consequences

● The Best Way to Guarantee You Get the Results You Want

About Randy Anderson:

I help people become more engaged in their work, better equipped to do it, and to feel empowered to live a life that will count for something after they're gone.

Through 20 very successful years of selling and managing sales operations both large and small, I became an expert on helping people increase their workplace productivity, proficiency, and profitability. Now, I have developed methods to teach these strategies to people in all types of industries, at every level of education, age, and position. No abstract theories or academic philosophies… just rubber-meets-the-road, proven strategies that can help anyone improve the way they live and work, and truly catapult the companies they work for to higher levels of productivity and profitability. The best part is, many of the things I teach will help people as much in their personal life as in the profession.

Specialties: I provide Workplace Productivity and Life Training for individuals, teams, and entire companies. Specific areas of expertise include: Employee Engagement, Time Management/Time Budgeting, Life Balance/Life Legacy Strategy, Communication/Conflict Resolution, Workplace Productivity/Efficiency, Leadership/Management, Sales/Customer Service, and Team Building.

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